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ATLANTA HOTEL is found in what is known as "The Turkish Riviera". It is situated beside the sea in a 10,000 square metre area of the Kargıcak district of Alanya.


Gazipaşa Airport
Only 30 Km away from our hotel, planes are landing at Gazipaşa airport . There is a possible increase more comfortable transport for incoming tourists to the our hotel area.
Do not forget your camera and your camcorder
Please do not forget to bring your camera when you are arriving at our hotel. The sunset over the Mediterranean Sea, the natural beauty of the Taurus Mountains and the reflection of moonlight on the sea will always be remembered ...
Ancient City Syedra, in Kargıcak
Syedra was one of the ancient popular cities at a bright period in A.D. 2nd-3rd centuries of the Byzantine Empire with groined church, water cisterns, the pillared streets. It is possible to visit the ancient city where is close to Atlanta Hotel.
Be ready for surprises ...
During the period of your stay can be ready many surprises around Atlanta Hotel, like dolphins, sea turtles, several types of fish in Mediterranean. You have the opportunity that, perhaps, the first time to see many life varieties in unspoiled nature.
The most delicious bananas
World's most delicious banana to grow in our district. You can see a lot of banana trees at the side of road and buy by the vendor. We recommend that you may buy the bananas grown in our town within your return journey at the end of your travel.

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